about us

We’re all getting older, but, here at gloe, we believe that becoming a more senior citizen doesn’t have to mean becoming a more serious citizen.  

Soon, more than a quarter of the population will be over 65, and a recent survey pin-pointed 68 as the age at which most people reckon they are having the most fun. We agree; growing old really can be the best time of your life.

Which is why we went into business.  Looking at the market, we saw that there was a real stigma attached to mobility products, with many people too proud or embarrassed to use them.  

Our vision is simple: to change the way people think by creating a range of products that look as good as they make you feel.  We’re taking a vibrant approach to the challenges people face, using great quality products, good advice, a commitment to doing the right thing, and a sense of humour.

our little manifesto
 be active By driving the idea of mobility, not disability
be generous By making sure our products give to great causes
be trusted By offering high quality products and services
be young By remembering that age is just a number
be entrepreneurial By being creative and challenging and having fun doing it


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