Mobile in 15


Mobile in 15
 is a fifteen minute exercise DVD designed by a top physiotherapist to boost your confidence with mobility, reduce the chances of falling and improve your overall fitness.


They’re short, progressive, achievable exercises that you can do between putting the kettle on and having a cup of tea.


You can do the exercises in the comfort of your own home, with no specialist equipment and at your own pace. You can pick and choose which exercises are right for you and how often you want to do them.


Key Features

* Reduce your chances of falling  

* Boost your confidence  

* Improve your overall fitness 




Please check with your doctor before starting this exercise DVD programme. gloe assumes no responsibility for failure to use this material correctly, therefore resulting in personal injury 


What the Experts Say? 


“Brodie’s enthusiasm for exercise and health shines through here. This is a great, graded programme for getting the best out of you and your mobility, and making sure you stay fit and safe”

Roger Kerry, Associate Professor in physiotherapy 


"With this DVD, Brodie has brought together the simple yet important exercises that will be invaluable for people looking to rehabilitate and regain their mobility. This would be an excellent resource for the more elderly person recovering from an injury, for example following fixation of a hip fracture, and I would happily recommend it to my patients."

Mark Higgins, Orthopaedic Surgical Registrar


"This is an excellent and well produced DVD.  In my role as a balance physician we have acknowledged the importance of physical conditioning and patient confidence as key factors in the rehabilitation of patients.  Physio Brodie builds this program at a steady and achievable pace with a warm and friendly manner.  He entertains without patronising, providing options for the inclusion of all participants.  I would be happy to recommend this to my patients."

Richard Williams, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist 


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